Art Bonnet

1st Edition

The Master itself- this is the Chief of all the ArtBonnets out there. From this actual piece, we made the master mold, it is this piece that all of the other ArtBonnets came from. You are looking at over 15+ Ounces of USA silver here. The detail work on this one-of-a-kind Silver piece has nothing to compare to.

This is for the Collector who collects the finest & the 1st editions within the Art World. Knowing that this is the very piece that started the Evolution of the ArtBonnet line…

Here it is: offered for this weekend only… Then back into Indian Country it goes, lost to the ages

*** Overnight, insured & signage required for delivery


This Sterling Silver Art Bonnet is sure to turn heads along with a history of a start-up company in its infancy… Comes with a Cedar base as a mount

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