Art Bonnet

The Story

It began in the early 1990’s. Jaymus was approached by a man who was selling his Indian Chieftain Motorcycle. However, Jaymus declined. The bike was missing an important and very significant piece; the iconic front fender war bonnet. It was that encounter and that missing detail that began the creation of Art Bonnet. Throughout the years Jaymus spent countless hours designing and manipulating the war bonnet to eventually become a sculptural
piece of art. Jaymus’ love for his heritage paired with his passion for creativity and design has blossomed into what he likes to call Art Bonnet.

The Artist

“Each ArtBonnet has a story: a cultural historical story regarding the meaning ofthe American Indian War Bonnet. The personal story and identity of the motorcycle owner, an employee’s artistic talent story: we are all part of that story.” 

Meet The Team

“My overall goal for the ArtBonnet to help create a job, to help put food on a
family table… To give a visual voice, a visual story if you may, for the individual
owner of each ArtBonnet.” – Jaymus Perry 

Langston Thompson

Thomas D. Baca

Bill Myers


This is my own sculptured piece, born of my own design, a tribal
Vision & personal expression of how a war bonnet ought to look.
A personal statement of Individual freedom of the American
So, now you get to design your own, you create your own version
of your story & you get to have your bike speak of your own

"Mitakuye Oyasin"

 A Lakota Prayer The we are all related.

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