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A WarBonnet Story

It was the early 1990’s at a local watering hole in Illinois that I was approached by an individual during a game of pool. We got to talking & he eventually asked me if I would be interested in purchasing a basket-case Indian motorcycle. Being somewhat familiar with them, I asked him if the iconic warbonnet was still there. Alas, He told me that was one of the few things that was missing, so I decline his offer… A few weeks later it dawned to me that I could actually make my own warbonnet in my own design, of my own style, just like the way the Hopi artists would carve a Kachina out of a cottonwood branch back on the Rez. By the time I got back to the individual about the bike, he had already sold it. it was from that moment that I decided to create my own version of what I now call the “ArtBonnet”


Born in Denver, Colorado & raised on the Navajo Indian Reservation in northern Arizona, USA. I’ve always been surrounded by the visual arts of Indian Country: the petroglyphs on Canyon walls, Navajo Rug weaving by my grandmother, seeing & watching Navajo Artists telling a story with vibrate colors. Now I get to create my version of an Headdress (WarBonnet) for any interested party, maybe even share a bit of my culture with you.

Public unveiling of the ArtBonnet 2019

Won my 1st art contest in 7th grade. Started silversmithing back in 2013. Got into the Santa Fe Indian Market(swaia) in 2015. Eiteljorg Indian Market in Indianapolis IN. Started custom jewelry designs for interested parties. Finally accepted into the exclusive Heard Museum Indian Market 2021, considered the Best Contemporary Native American Show in North America.

Sodalite Artbonnet in Colorado

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