Art Bonnet

Precious Materials

We select only semi-precious minerals from the world over. Are you looking for that unique color

We develop Long-term relationships, we all know that a handshake goes a long way

These are just a few materials that we use in creating an ArtBonnet of your choice

Turquoise – Lapis – Sodalite – Black Pen Shell – Mother of Pearl – Spiny Shell – Onyx – etc

Repurpose Materials-

Like my ancestors; nothing goes to waste

I’m on the hunt for a variety of bygone materials & i used them in the ArtBonnet, as requested by a buyer

Hides: Deer, ELk, Moose, Bison, etc Antquie Beads, silverware, etc

My real passion is creating an ArtBonnet that fits your lifestyle, Sometimes in a way that i haven’t thought up until you designed it yourself

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